Basic Keno Strategy

Keno is about luck and nothing else. All a player can do is pick some numbers and hope for the draw to go his way. Actually, the chances of winning in Keno are poor compared to most other casino games. In spite of all this, there are some “strategies” that Keno players around the world apply:

Let the Old Man Chase you” – you bet on numbers that hasn’t come up in the latest games.

Chase the Old Man” – you bet on numbers that has come up recently.

“Play It Again” – you bet on the numbers on a losing ticket from a previous game.

Successive numbers” – you bet on consecutive numbers, for example 13 and 14 or 27 and 28.

Let It Ride” – you bet on the same numbers in several consecutive games.

As mentioned above these strategies don’t improve your chances of winning, but you can use them as a way to make the game more fun and exciting. Another thing to keep in mind is, as always, money management. Never risk more money than you can afford. Remember that in Keno the payout decreases when you make smaller bets. However, you will win more often if you frequently bet on just two numbers instead of 15.

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